Asian Paints Colour World is a revolutionary concept in paints selling. How is it different from being just a paint shop?
  • We have an in-shop Shade Display Unit with a total of over thousand unique shades along with ready-to-use combinations. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad has specially designed each of these shades keeping Indian tastes in mind.An extensive range of 500 pastels and super pastels arranged in a scientific spectrum provides over 150 shade combinations.

  • We can show you how your rooms will appear in the colours you have chosen before you have actually painted your homes. We have Interactive Computer System that allows customer to see on the screen an interior of a room and change the shade of the walls, the door and the windows instantly. Colour selection software assist you in selecting the right shade.

  • Take-away shade strips with recommended combinations of matching and complementary shades. We have most sophisticated Corob Tatocolour Automatic Simultaneous Dispenser, to get the tinting bases for colours the customer has selected using our interactive system.

  • We provide you with tips on which paint to use depending on kind of surface and at the cheapest price possible.

  • We deliver the exact shade you need in the desired quantities, instantly.

  • We also installed 1 / 4 /10 /20 ltr gyroshaker for paints mixing at our store.

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